What do I do if my videos aren’t uploading using Kaltura Capture?

To troubleshoot why your videos are not uploading through Kaltura Capture. Try these steps.

1. Cancel the current upload and try to upload again. Sometimes due to circumstances the servers may be overloaded and the videos are not properly ingested.

2. Check your internet upload speeds. If your uploads do not finish after a significant amount of time, this is most likely due to slow upload speeds. Go here to find out what you can troubleshoot with slow internet speeds.

3. Ensure that the location of your Kaltura Capture installation is in a local folder that is not attached to any cloud storage service such as Dropbox or Google Drive. For example Dropbox does not host files on the computer, so saving a file to a Dropbox folder is similar to hosting a file on a server and asking the app to access the server first in order to retrieve the file. Connection issues may cause the upload process to get interrupted and maybe even crash the app. You will likely have several issues using Kaltura Capture if this is the case.

4. If uploading through Kaltura Capture hasn’t worked after several tries, upload your video manually on the MacVideo website. If you recorded your videos through Kaltura Capture, you can find where they are stored here. To see how to upload on the MacVideo website, go here. If you need a picture in picture recording uploaded, manually upload both video files separate. Contact us with each video entry and we can manually combine the two.

To help us solve any issues that arise, please capture your log files within the Kaltura Capture app and send us the code it gives you. This will help us troubleshoot the issue.

Within the Kaltura Capture application, go to Manage -> Settings -> Upload Logs. Once the logs are finished updating, send us the token you are given.


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