What do I do if my caption edits aren’t working?

Because the caption editor is browser based, depending on your browser settings some issues may arise. Some steps you can take if the captions are properly updating or not: Clear your browser cache. Caption information is stored in your browser cache so I’d recommend clearing your browser cache and restarting […]

Video Quiz Troubleshooting

When taking video quizzes, proper functionality depends on your internet browser and connection. Please review the browser maintenance article and ensure you’ve taken a precautions before taking a test. Known Issues With Video Quizzes Sometimes video quiz results do not transfer properly over to the Avenue to Learn grade book […]

Browser Maintenance and Troubleshooting Tips

Sometimes depending on your browser settings, you may experience some issues trying to view MacVideo videos and some of its unique interactive features. In this article we will provide some steps and suggestions on how to maintain your browser for best performance and steps to try for troubleshooting issues. Enable […]

How to Create a Branching Video with Interactive Video Paths

MacVideo now has the capability of creating videos with branching pathways. Kaltura Interactive Video Paths will give you the ability to add choice-based learning paths to your videos, inviting your viewers to engage and participate in unique ways. With Interactive Paths, you can customize your content to create a “choose […]

What are Channels?

Channels are user generated collections that are personally managed. They are a great way to organize and share a specific set of videos. Some use cases for using channels are: share a group of completely public videos to outside the McMaster community create an easy to share collection of video […]

How to Create and Edit a Channel

How to Create a Channel After logging in there are multiple ways in which you can create a channel. You can create a channel by going to: Under your username and clicking on “My Channels” and then clicking the “Create a Channel” button 2. Clicking on “Channels” in the top […]

How to Order Alignment for Your Captions

If you find your automated captions are out of sync and that there are timing issues you can order a service called Alignment to fix this. You can also align other captions you may have made outside of MacVideo. Follow the steps below on how to order alignment for your […]