How to Make Your Video Embeds Downloadable

If you wish to make your video embeds on other websites and platforms downloadable right from the player, follow the instructions below. Go to the video you plan to embed. Underneath the video click the Share tab. You will then see your sharing options available. Click on the Embed tab […]

How to Find Your Video Entry ID

When contacting support for issues with specific videos, it’s best to give the Entry ID for that video. There are two simple ways to find the Entry ID of your video. To find the Entry ID for your videos follow the steps below: Method 1: Go to My Media Click […]

Unavailable Quicklink Error Message in Avenue to Learn

When using the Avenue to Learn integration you may experience a rare occurrence of receiving a message stating “Unavailable Quicklink. The External Learning Tool is not available.” It’ll look like the following image: To fix this simply try to re-embed the video. If you continue to experience issues with the […]

How to Import Webex Recordings

MacVideo has the ability to import Webex recordings in both MP4 and ARF file formats. Follow the steps below to download and upload your Webex content into MacVideo. To download Webex recordings that you want to use beyond September 2021, login to Webex at and click on Recordings on […]

Why am I not receiving my analytics exports?

If you’ve requested exports of your video analytics, you should receive an email with the download links. Please wait for at least 24 hours for the email although it is usually sent sooner. Make sure to check your spam or junk folders in your email as well. Due to our […]

What do I do if my caption edits aren’t working?

Because the caption editor is browser based, depending on your browser settings some issues may arise. Some steps you can take if the captions are properly updating or not: Clear your browser cache. Caption information is stored in your browser cache so I’d recommend clearing your browser cache and restarting […]