How to Upload Media

There are now two ways in which you can upload media into MacVideo. If you’d like to stay within Avenue to Learn visit the Avenue to Learn Integration tutorial. If you’re using MacVideo separately then proceed to the instructions below.

First login using your Mac ID by clicking on Guest in the top right hand corner. Once logged in, click on the navigation menu Add New. Then select Media Upload.

You will then be taken to the Media Upload page.

Click the choose a file to upload button to select the videos you’d like to upload from your computer.

Your files will begin to upload and you can see the progress bar. Here you can fill out the required information for your video including name, description and any tags you find fit. You will also be able to set the privacy settings for this particular upload. Once you’ve entered in all the details you like hit save. The media you upload still requires some time to process. This will depend on the file size of your upload. Please allow some time for your content to process and be available.  


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