What are Channels?

Channels are user generated collections that are personally managed. They are a great way to organize and share a specific set of videos.

Some use cases for using channels are:

  • share a group of completely public videos to outside the McMaster community
  • create an easy to share collection of video resources for tutorials or other training materials

Channels can be set to private or public. Sometihing important to remember is that channel permissions will override individual permissions you’ve set for your videos. So for example if you have a video that is currently private but you publish in a public channel, that video will become publicly viewable.

You can add members to a channel for viewing permissions or contributor permissions. You cannot add videos into Avenue to Learn using channels. If you want to use the Avenue integration, you must be the owner or a co-editor and co-publisher of the video you’d like to embed.

To view the tutorial on how to create a channel, go here.

To view more in-depth information on channels visit: https://knowledge.kaltura.com/help/managing-a-channel-in-kaltura-mediaspace

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