Why are my audio and video out of sync?

If you find that the video and audio are out of sync, please try the following steps:

1. Determine if this is an issue being viewed back online or locally. Please check the local video recording to determine whether it is the video file itself that is out of sync or just the upload. You can find your saved Kaltura Capture recordings here.
When viewing video files locally, please watch with a media player like VLC media player. Some other or older media players do not play media back correctly.

2. If the video file itself is out of sync, this is most likely due to your computer not meeting the minimum hardware requirements. Please see the minimum requirements here.

If you do meet the minimum requirements and still have this issue, try reducing the quality of your recordings within Kaltura Capture. Try switching to 720p recording for the webcam if you’re recording both your screen and webcam. Also ensure you have no other programs running as well as enough available hard drive space to store your videos.

3. If it is the upload video that is out of sync, please try updating your browser and clearing your browser cache. Try re-uploading the video as well. If you’ve tried both of these and still have sync issues please contact us.

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