What is MacVideo.ca?

MacVideo.ca is our own video portal similar to “YouTube”. It’s a tool that McMaster uses through our Kaltura media hosting license which allows you to make video and other media available to anyone you choose online.


MacVideo allows you to:

  • upload video and audio
  • share and embed videos
  • create video and audio
  • create video quizzes
  • caption your media
  • edit your videos

Some terminology (small distinction that can help avoid confusion):

  • Kaltura – The MediaSpace vendor; sometimes their brand name is used synonymously with their tool.
  • MediaSpace – The media hosting/delivery tool and website. MacVideo.ca is McMaster’s branding of this tool.

Kaltura MediaSpace is a cloud-based product developed by Kaltura which facilitates the hosting and sharing of audio and video media formats. Faculty, staff and students can upload media content to MacVideo.ca, at which point it is automatically converted and optimized for hassle-free viewing distribution on the web. Media links and an embed code are provided so that you can share your media with others.

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