How to Order Alignment for Your Captions

If you find your automated captions are out of sync and that there are timing issues you can order a service called Alignment to fix this. You can also align other captions you may have made outside of MacVideo.

Follow the steps below on how to order alignment for your caption files.

Since all ASR captions automatically generate on Kaltura’s end a txt file, we can simply align the caption asset by following the steps below:

1. Go to the relevant video. Click Actions and then “Caption & Enrich”.

click actions then caption and enrich
2. Under the Order Captions & Enrichment Services click the Feature dropdown and select “Alignment”.

under feature select alignment
3. Automatically the text file of the existing .SRT file will appear as an option, click the checkbox to select that caption file.

select the right caption file
4. Hit “Submit”. Please allow time for processing this request.

For more information about the use of the Alignment Feature, please go to:—reach-v2

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