How to Edit Captions



MacVideo has the option to edit captions that were either automatically generated or through individual upload of SRT files.

Go to My Media and select a media entry with captions.

Select Edit from the Actions drop-down menu.

Select the Captions tab and then click Edit Captions.

You can now see the Caption Editor displayed.

Editor Options

The following options are available:

Change Caption File – If there is more than one caption file for the entry, select a different caption file from the Captions drop-down menu.

To Edit the timestamp of each line – Click on the timestamp in the editor and modify the time. If there is overlapping time, the system highlights the overlapping time.

Search – Enter a search term. The results are highlighted in each caption line.

Search and replace text – Enter the search term, enter the replacement term and click Replace.

Add speaker ID – Select rows and add the speaker ID in the Add Speaker to selected items.

The speaker ID is added in [] in the beginning of each line. In this example Ron was added as the speaker for the selected lines.

Auto scroll text – Check Auto scroll to auto scroll the text when playing the media.

When playing the player – the current line is highlighted in the captions file.

Find frame for text – When clicking on a caption line the player jumps to the correct frame for the selected text.

Selecting captions from the existing captions will replace the captions on the page.

Revert changes – reverts to the last saved changes

Save – save the modified caption file.

The Revert & Save button is enabled only when modifying the captions file.

The Replace button is enabled only if the user modifies a value.

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